qnet.circuit_components packageΒΆ

This module contains all defined primitive circuit component definitions as well as the compiled circuit definitions that are automatically created via the $QNET/bin/parse_qhdl.py script. For some examples on how to create your own circuit definition file, check out the source code to

The module qnet.circuit_components.component features some base classes for component definitions and the module qnet.circuit_components.library features some utility functions to help manage the circuit component definitions.


For convenience in an interactive context, this package is also exposed as qnet.cc. This works only if qnet was previously imported.


__all__: And, Beamsplitter, Component, Delay, Displace, DoubleSidedJaynesCummings, DoubleSidedOPO, InvertingFanout, KerrCavity, Latch, LinearCavity, MachZehnder, OpenLossy, Phase, PseudoNAND, PseudoNANDLatch, Relay, RelayDoubleProbe, SingleSidedJaynesCummings, SingleSidedOPO, SubComponent, ThreePortKerrCavity, ThreePortOPO, TwoPortKerrCavity, ZProbeCavity