qnet package

The qnet package exposes all of QNET’s functionality for easy interactive or programmative use.

Specifically, the subpackages for the following parts of QNET are directly available:

For interactive usage, the package should be initialized as follows:

>>> import qnet
>>> qnet.init_printing()

Note that most subpackages in turn expose their functionality through a “flat” API. That is, instead of

from qnet.algebra.operator_algebra import LocalOperator
from qnet.circuit_components.displace_cc import Displace

the two objects may be more succintly imported from a higher level namespace as

import qnet  # required for qnet.cc to work
from qnet.algebra import LocalOperator
from qnet.cc import Displace

In an interactive context (and only there!), a star import such as

from qnet.algebra import *

may be useful.

The flat API is defined via the __all__ attribute of each subpackage (see each package’s documentation).

Internally, the flat API (or star imports) must never be used.


__all__: init_printing