Parsing QHDLΒΆ

Given a QHDL-file my_circuit.qhdl which contains an entity named MyEntity (Note again the CamelCaseConvention for entity names!), we have two options for the final python circuit model file:

  1. We can compile it to an output in the local directory. To do this run in the shell:

    $QNET/bin/ -f my_circuit.qhdl -l
  2. We can compile it and install it within the module qnet.circuit_components. To do this run in the shell:

    $QNET/bin/ -f my_circuit.qhdl -L

In either case the output file will be named based on a CamelCase to lower_case_with_underscore convention with a _cc suffix to the name. I.e., for the above example MyEntity will become In the case of entity names with multiple subsequent capital letters such as PseudoNAND the convention is to only add underlines before the first and the last of the capitalized group, i.e. the output would be written to